A god, diety ,holy being and creature that should be prayed to several times a day . Any one who does not beleive this should promptly slam their head in a dumpster until it detatches
A domestic cat has chosen to live in my wretched hovel, my family is now blessed
by THE ORDER OF THE HOLY FELINE October 20, 2003
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A phrase (compound adjective) to describe a cat fanatic who loves cats so blindly that they bond with their cats in a masochistic relationship as they love every treatment they get from their cats even the bad ones such as ignoring, scratching, grumbling, etc.
- What are these red marks on your arm?
- Aweee! these are cat scratches , my cat scratched me yesterday while I was having fun with her, isn’t she sooooo cute? I love these marks they show me how much she loves me :)
- You really are such a cat-domesticated being, ma friend!
by Hasan Iessa January 4, 2021
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