shit, oh shit, damnit, used when you are either angry, annoyed or upset about something.
"don't we have that huge final today?"

"freakin' a, yeah and i forgot to study."
by Kristen January 11, 2005
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when one does not like to express the curse phrase fuckin ass hole. a term of dissappointment towards amother individual.
When you are cut off by another car, you yell "freakin A"
by Melissa Anderson June 21, 2005
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A slang word used when one is in agreement with something or someone. Basically has the same meaning as "hell yea" or "fucking-A."
Person A: "That guy can be such an asshole sometimes."
Person B: "Freakin a."
by niggamac September 17, 2006
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An expression used when you are mad, or when somebody does something you do not like.
Person 1) you can't wear that to school!

Person 2) Freakin A!
by qwerty97 March 07, 2010
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a toned down version of Fuckin' A which is actually short for Fucking Assured. Used in situations of vehement agreement.
"Dude, you want to get tickets to the concert?"
"Freakin' a!"
by di0de May 11, 2006
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