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The state of being deliciously freaky. Used as an adjective by others to describe one whom is freakalicious. One cannot describe themself as freakalicious, unless told by others that they are. The reason for this is, well, one cannot sleep WITH themself, only BY themself.
My man is sooooo freakalicious in bed, I can't get enough of him!
by BInkyBonks February 25, 2008
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deliciously freaky , sexy, scrumptously sexyvoluptuously sexy, attractive, good-looking
Boy you are so freakalicious, I get exhilarated everytime I see you.

Jude Law has such fantabulously freakalicious lips, I just want to bite them off everytime I see them.
by Veronica Sauceda September 07, 2006
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A very horny woman who likes kinky sex and is eager to do any sexual position at any time with you and all your friends.
Damn, that blonde chick is freakalicious.

My ex-girlfriend was sooo freakalicious. I miss that sexy bitch!
by Flavah Flaavvv May 25, 2010
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A word used to describe something intense and fierce. Used as a noun and adjective. Can describe an object/person.

Noun: Prostitute, Party animal, someone sexy, the person that gets things poppin', knows how to break it down, and struts their stuff.

Adjective: wildly crazy, usually out of control, simply tasty and irresistible.

-Time usually stops when a freakalicious is spotted.

- Warning freakaliciouses may bite and act feisty in certain situations.
-"Ouch that freakalicious just bit me, do I have rabies?"
-"Sorry I'm late for class, I SPOTTED A FREAKALICIOUS!"

-"That girl is acting freakaliciously, it's giving me jungle fever."
-"That freakalicious pie, was delicious and juicy."
by frischoe February 05, 2010
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