A derogatory name for a Fraternity. Often used by Gel-headed, Abercrombie wearing, spray-tanned douchebags. Often used in the north, or anywhere outside of the South East (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas), though they may just be too stupid to understand that it is derogatory.

"Frats" usually consist of the previously mentioned Abercrombie, gel-head, spray tan doucherockets. They tend to give real fraternities a bad name.
I'm not in a frat. It's called a fraternity, fucking "Jersey Bro"....go take some fucking steroids, Guido.
by Real Fraternity Man April 13, 2008
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A group of young men who have generally been douchebags their entire lives, and feel the need to spend thousands and thousands of their parents dollars to continue this legacy through college and to buy their friends. These men all wear the same exact polo shirts and ugly suade shoes due to a complete lack or originality and free-thinking. In groups these promising young men enjoy drinking absurd amounts of alcohol while listening to shitty mainstream rap music. A large number of these wonderful kids are extremely rascist as well.
Hey man, I'm thinking about joining a frat. I can't seem to make any regular, down to earth friends, so I think ill join mu mu kappa doo doo poo poo and make a bunch of new "brothers" who in actuality will welcome me to their awesome group by treating me like scum.
by Truth67 September 13, 2013
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Degrading word used by many northern fraternity members and others residing in Florida, which is in the north. Most schools outside of Texas, Miss., Alabama, Georgia, SC, NC, VA, just don't understand.
Calling your fraternity a "frat" is like calling your country a "cunt."
by rolltide May 08, 2007
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the abbreviated form of fraternity. A typical "Frat" member is composed of Neanderthal-istic features and lower then average intelligence. They suffer from inferiority complex and believe that all women are there toys (especially the gullible I.E, Sorority girls) who buy all of there garbage. Frats typically vary in number although intelligence and conscious thought degrades as the number increases. While often considered a collegial affair, frats do not excel in learning atmospheres and are intimidated by reading, writing, or thinking. IF YOU are threatened by someone of this nature call animal or pest control. As a last resort throw a book at them.
Guy 1: What is that large group of dudes
Guy 2: oh thats just a frat, don't worry they are just raping those stupid sorority girls....
Guy 1: how sad...
Guy 2: no, those girls are dumb as shit..
Guy 1: mmm....
by RFSMITH December 20, 2007
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Acronym for 'Fuck Reading All That.' Used after being confronted with giant blocks of text, such as bitchy girlfriend letters.
Fourteen pages?! FRAT.
by Nims September 05, 2007
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Frat is a word that gives away a GDI's ignorance. It's a fraternity. Yes we party. Yes we have a good time, but being greek is more than that. It's brotherhood, it's tradition, it's morals and values instilled into us from a previous generation when manners were used and gel in hair wasn't. On my campus, the greek gpa is much higher than the non-greek gpa. So if you think we're all a bunch of guys that dress similar and drop out of school, you're completely mistaken. We dress like adults, have better grades than you, and one day we'll be your boss and you'll have to dress exactly how we do now when you work in your cubicle while we're in our corner office smoking a cigar and drinking scotch.
"That frat guy I was telling you about got the internship I wanted" - GDI bitch
by Yourfutureboss April 28, 2009
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A place where college boys go to meat/buy friends. You see a "frat boy" by himself is about the biggest dork you can find, but when you put about 20 or 30 of them together and give them a big old house they manage to make about one OKish person. Now you would think that a group of guys living together would want to stay as far away from anything gay as possible since a group of men living together already sounds a little out of the closet, but NO! They make you go gay things in order to get in, such as eating cum off a cookie, holding another persons cock, and such... Frat boys are gay and the only way they can get any is from a fellow frat boy or a girl they drugged up, how very pathetic.
Frat boys are gay. They are all gay
by Dr. Jaydsafd October 14, 2005
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