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Frappy is a neologism meaning, "frantically happy."

This comes from the 1980s comic strip, "Toby Juan: Hound of Decadence," where Toby's owner's name was Dave Frappus.

Frappy (adj); to frap, frapping, frapped (v). Synonyms include ham, cheeky, and in Spanish, chiflado. It nicely fills a void in the English lexicon where no other word quite captures the spirit of unprovoked silliness.
For example, when a puppy, for no apparent reason starts running around the house like a maniac. Or, when a newborn colt suddenly feels spunky and takes off, farting across the pasture. People can be frappy also, especially little kids when they are feeling silly and goofy. Frappy can also be understood as just plain, silly-cute.

"Look at that frappy little kitten, playing with that piece of string."

Or, "I just got a raise at work and I sure am feeling frappy today."
by mchoon July 01, 2010
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A small dog with a cute face and a shrill high pitched bark. These little ankle biters are common among the dog loving population. Jack Russell Terriers are the standard for frappiness.
What a cute frappy dog.
by thawk September 02, 2003
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1) A semi-hard dick from either:

a) Some slight sexual stimulation (strip club, winning money, softcore porn, etc)

b) Inability to become fully-hard right after having achieved orgasm.

c) Erectile Dysfunction
Guy: "Ready to go at it for round two?"
Girl: "Don't fuck with me, it's only been two minutes, I don't want that frappy to go soft on me"
by M312R May 05, 2011
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a gay ass fratty, one that usually comes into class late with some drink from starbucks

it can also be referred to anything deemed unliked by yourself or others

another way to use the word gay in an un-homosexual way
Nice one frappy, way to disrupt class.

Some frappy ass just took my spot in line!
by Astral February 22, 2005
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