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An adjective, describing something in a less crude way than using the other "f-word". Also could be substituted with freakin'
What's the frappin' deal man!
by Amanda January 05, 2004
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1) to masturbate loudly 2) the sound your genital makes as you masturbate with lubrication 3) masturbational bliss or to be so into the act of masturbation one pays little heed to someone walking in. often said as "frappin it up"

i've been guilty of this Masturbational bliss aspect of frappin so often that it would be futile to give record of or keep track
Jason was caught frappin on the kitchen table; Jane was so deeply frappin she fell off the chaise lounge; we where all out back frappin it up to old Micheal Jackson songs, it only became funny when "beat it" came on; Jessica had an intense look on her face as we mutually frapped the night away
by Cosmic Pope October 27, 2010
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