the youngest brother to the Jonas Brothers; the Jonas Bonus. the MAN. A studmuffin and not to mention in the process of becoming as attractive as his brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.
Frankie Jonas is pro at getting attention from older girls from his adorableness.
by pineapplegrl080 December 3, 2007
The 'bonus Jonas' the fourth jonas brother and by far the most adorable one. Not yet a member of the Jonas Brothers but may one day become a member. goofy and loves to wrestle with his older brothers. He is NOT adopted. Kinda acts like Joe.
by Samurai Jack November 21, 2007
the fourth jonas brother that has a level of cool beyond 100. hes definitely living the dream, and the man. all of the boys are adorable but theres a certain spark about frankie that can attract any girl.
" in my next life i want to come back as frankie jonas"
" word"
by megannnNnnsssP August 28, 2008
The fourth Jonas and the one who we least care about. He will probably replace Kevin Jonas in a matter of years. He probably has jealously problems and will more than likely murder his brothers in a fit of jealousy.
Fangirl: OH my God! Did you hear Frankie Jonas is getting his own television show?
Fangirl 2: Why the hell would I care about stupid Frankie Jonas? He's the least likable, and the least attractive.
by Annemermaid1995 August 23, 2009
God in it’s purest form
Also the bonus Jonas brother
Person 1: Omg did you see frankie jonas on Tiktok?!?
Person 2: You mean God?
by What do you want from me February 11, 2021