When an anus is ripped to shreds from a man that sneaks up on him while he was sleeping, by another mans teeth and nails. Usually then he knocks the man out with a dildo and leaves.
Eric found a guy sleeping on his bed. So he fox holed him. The man cryer on pain until Eric left.
by granolatoes June 19, 2016
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Last night I found my way into Ryan's dude trench and spent all night pounding his fox hole!
by manchesteru5 March 31, 2006
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When a male defecates into a women's vagina and then has sex with her.
I took a nasty shit in her vag then stuck my dick in it, it was the nastiest brown fox hole I've had in a while!
by akunk November 28, 2007
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a. If you want to kill kruats you have to clean your fox-hole norman atleast six times a day.
b. "Norman Dyke was not a bad leader becuse he made bad choices, Norman Dyke was a bad leader because he made no choices. " C. Carwood Lipton
by Liam Caves June 22, 2008
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An individual who has the allure of a nice person, but is a bit shaky when you get to know them.
by TheGuyWhoMadeAWord January 11, 2014
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A Fox Hole is a den in which furries typically tend to gather and converge. It can be sexual in nature or quaintly friend-zoned such as any Smash tournament.
Last week Tom and I watched a body of the furry come out of that humid Fox Hole, too much fur and K and is bad for anyone, " add whips" Tom said " and your liable for a few heat-strokes"
by CougarWrecker69 September 27, 2019
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