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To get fired from your job because you post about your job on your weblog.

Also see: dooced
Heather B. Armstrong got dooced.
by Ryan M. March 15, 2005

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Get some tunage on!
by Ryan M. April 10, 2003

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An imagined sound effect reffering to the acquiring of an errection at abnormal speeds.
*watches Tatu performance at 2003 MTV movie awards.* Woah... *shwing*
by Ryan M. June 12, 2003

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1. an absent minded girl
2. a really cute and absolutely wonderful person
3. a type of banana
1. Dang dude, you're such a Didi.
2. Didi, I love you............r shoes!
3. I'd like a bunch of fresh ripe Didis please!
by Ryan M. June 12, 2003

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The name for a turbo that is used in a lot of toyota engine applications.
Dude, I totally planted a sweet CT26 on my 3S-GTE.
by Ryan M. January 19, 2005

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A man with abnormally large breasts.
Dude, that guy has huge man titties.
by Ryan M. June 12, 2003

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A term derived from an MC Chris song, a toothpick spliff is a joint wrapped so tight that the smoker can pick their teeth with it (like a toothpick). A person who smokes said toothpick spliffs is usually froogle with their doobie.
Yo, don't invite Chris over, he's too stingy with his weed; I give him blunts, but all he passes me are toothpick spliffs.
by Ryan M. April 03, 2005

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