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A combination of Fair, fabulous and joyous.
Usually defined as wonderful.

"How was the tea party?"

"Quite frabjous indeed."
by Gohn Gardenza May 14, 2007
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1. Like fabulous, but with a lemon twist. (from Lewis Carrol's 'The Jabberwocky')
What a frabjous day it is.
by jeNner June 17, 2003
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used as an exclaimation for something amazing
I found it truly frabjous that the latest K+O vlog on youtube used the phase "frabjous day!"
by VlogMe February 01, 2010
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Frab: origination - France, definition - Flab
Jous: origination - France, definition - juice

Frabjous is the is the juices and mating paraphernalia recovered from the flab or skin folds inside of an obese man or woman.
I found a vibrator, peanut butter, and a small unidentifiable dog in my neighbors frabjous. The dog was dead upon arrival.
by Haffa Blowie September 24, 2010
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