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The meal between supper and breakfast; a late-night snack.

Also known as "lunch" among nightowls and nighthawks.

Probably coined by some advertising guy working for Taco Hell.
I woke up in the middle of the night with my stomach rumbling, so I had a sandwich for fourthmeal.
by Matthias FW November 04, 2006
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a corporate conspiracy to further addict the hapless masses to crappy, fat-laden food.
Dude #1: Want to go for fourthmeal? I feel like some Mexican food.

Dude #2: No, I don't do everything the TV tells me to. I think I'll have a salad. Besides, if you think you're going to get Mexican food at Taco Bell, you deserve what you get.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd June 09, 2007
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Going to your bitches house for some late night/early morning action. The sex is generally anal, but there are other items on the menu.

Ellis went over to Amandas for some fourth meal tonight.
by J-Easy November 04, 2006
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fourthmeal, 1. n., the fourth meal of a day assuming breakfast, lunch, and dinner 2. n., a late night meal following dinner, but before breakfast. Synonym: deakfast, and also a bit a of misnomer if you include the following other meals: brunch, linner 3. n., oral sex after dinner
1-2. I was trying to lose some weight and slim fast wasn't upsetting my stomach enough so I went to taco hell for a fourthmeal laxative combo, and that got me regular in a jif.

3. My girlfriend prefers being my fourthmeal instead of me giving her walrus tusks.
by Gyrogeorge September 30, 2010
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The meal between dinner and breakfast.
Made popular by Taco Bell in their comercials.
Hungry? Maybe it's time for FOURTH MEAL!!!
*cheesy thumbs up*
by Tamerica June 12, 2006
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Late night meal at Taco Bell. The meal before Breakfast but after Dinner. Usually after a night of drinking or smoking it'll be the greatest meal you'll have of the day.
Jim Dups: I'm hungry and it's 3 in the morning to get food...u know what I'm thinking?

Jon Bronx: We can go to Taco Bell for some fourthmeal.

Jim Dups: Oh Hey Gays!

Jon Bronx: haha shut awulf.

Jim Dups: no, no nice play.

Jon Bronx: nice fuckin play.

Jim Dups: You see the Rangers game last night?

Jon Bronx: no, those assholes last night made me drink captain, and I can't handle captain so I passed out on the couch before the game was on.


Jon Bronx: Uhhh Ya Dum

Jim Dups: No, UDEMS

Jon Bronx: Uhh are we still getting taco bell

Jim Dups: oh damnnit JB what the hell, this is America. Let me call Tay first

Jon Bronx: fuggin piece of shit
by LI Till I Die July 23, 2009
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fourth meal is the meal in between dinner and breakfast. not to be confused with a midnight snack. at this time, most people consume bologna-fried(which typically taste like hot dogs) or straight/plan with a tall, slimsy glass of milk.
Hey! How was fourth meal last night?

It was awesome! Got my fried bologna and a nice glass of milk!
by natalie12345678987654321 February 04, 2012
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