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Especially common in techno, an unaccented 4/4 time pattern in which each beat is marked with a heavy kick drum. This is desperately boring at normal volume but at club levels takes over your entire body. Usually sourced from a Roland 909.
"Driving round town in his Corsa, playing four to the floor German house."
by marcata August 14, 2003
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Four to the floor is a common beat pattern usually found in House music. Its a drum beat accompanied by a heavy base line, and maybe a looped sample of jazz, funk, or disco usually..The basic backbone of most dance music.
Go listen to a house record at you local DJ shop...
by Mario August 03, 2004
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1) A strong 4/4 beat pattern used in techno music: i.e. "untz untz untz".
2) So incredibly, astoundingly drunk that you can scarcely stand up - that is to say, all four of your limbs are going to remain on the floor until you throw up or pass out .
1) "Man, this beat's a real four to the floor."
2) "Christ, she's absolutely four-to-the-floor."
by Jeimuzu22 September 04, 2012
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