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Tapia is from word Pimp if you have this as a last name its all gonna go good
Damn Tapia i wanna fuck you.
by Ruben December 26, 2004

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Light beer, of which hops is an important ingredient.

Named after the Czech city of Pilsen.
"Mmm... Pilsners."
by Ruben June 30, 2004

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The word mince has been subject to a number of meaning sin the english langues, the original in recent history means to chop finely. Mince meat or 'mincemeat', however and somewhat bizarrely, is a sweet desert filling used in christmas pies and tarts.
Mince can also be used to describe a distinctly feminine walk/gait used by a man, or the practice of a male who is often found to hold their little finger aloft whilst carrying items i.e. handbags
Mince in some circles also means to throw up aggressively creating a substance like mince meat...

by Ruben June 09, 2003

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Originally brewed in Jupille, near Liege (Belgium), this pilsner is the best available.
"Yo, 'nother Jup please!"
by Ruben June 30, 2004

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a sexy man beast, that goes to lake ridge middle school. he makes straights want 2 b gay , and rug munchers want to change for him too.
"i fucked ruben last night" said marina
by ruben March 03, 2005

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A small boy's school in NE DC known for its rigorous academics. Conducted by Benedictine monks, the boys are taught at a very young age to be afraid of the opposite sex and to study until their brains explode. Girls are not intimidated by their intelligence, but rather astonished at their failed attempts to socialize. Social skills do not come to "Abbey Boys" until the later years when they learn to not care. Then Kairos changes everything and it's all good once again. There will always be at least one girl from any given girls school who is unhappy with at least one Abbey Boy and at least one girl from the same school who is very happy with at least one Abbey Boy. Sports are not the Abbey Boy's forté, but they give it an honest effort every once in a while.
Catholic Schoolgirl: I went down to st anselm's and found a really cool guy!

Catholic Schoolgirl's BFFAEAEAE: Oh yeah well I hate his classmates. They said they were too good for me.
by Ruben January 19, 2005

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A term allegedly first originating in Kingston Jamaica but widely publicised as being the creation of rapper Elephant Man for the purposes of rhyme. Mish Mish Man has developed a number of meanings.
The referance towards someone as a mish mish man designates them as highly socially active, being involved in a wide number of events, widely visible and popular on a large scale but limited depth. Reference to a man with a clear social goal mish- mission, the dual use of the slang mish implies this goal is, however, rapidly changing, neither here nor there.
A mish mish man is the center of the social world which he inhabits, seen always in the present as the most successful and desirable group member but in the long term often eclipsed by those with smaller but more realistic aspirations.
by Ruben June 09, 2003

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