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small town in texas that used to only have a mcdonalds and a dq. has been growing in the past 5 years and has added stores and more places to eat. beautiful houses and alot of upper middle class and rich people, unless you count those new skanky mesquite and oakcliff people trying to move in. revolves around the football team the jackrabbits. everyone knows eachother and before you can tell someone something stupid you did they already know. the forney po po have no idea what they are doing and will pull you over for walking down the street with a coke in hand. you know those deadly cokes. if your a teen your probably hangin at the food fast parking lot or dq. overall a great place to live though and raise a family.
I saw you at the dq in Forney Texas.
by everibodilies August 05, 2008
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Someone who's quick to correct your mistakes or rat you out to the boss(es). Despite the fact that they themselves are the worst rule-breakers.
I was on the work phone with my lady for 2 minutes and that Forney gave me up; eventhough he was on it for 30 minutes yesterday trying to sell his Sabre's tickets.
by jewjitzoo February 22, 2009
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