When you forget something but you subconsciously know it. It's at the tip of your tongue.
"I just formembered that I had to get my grandma milk!"
by someone771 March 05, 2016
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The feeling that you are forgetting something or have forgotten to do something; you vigorously try to think what it could be, but the more you think the more strongly you feel that something is missing. You replay your whole day in your head trying to figure out what you needed to take or what tasks you were given and which of those things you do not have or have not done; maybe you forgot your phone or maybe you can't remember if you locked your car or not. even though you actually may not have forgotten anything at all, this feeling of incompleteness remains in your head and hovers over you like a ghost; eventually, after a while of this excruciating struggle of trying to remember what's missing, you try to forget the fact that you thought that you were forgetting something in the first place, but that only does the opposite and makes you want to try harder and so it all begins all over again.
As I was going up the elevator, I formembered to lock my car.
by UHJP August 27, 2018
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The conscious attempt to remember something all day, then when the time comes, you forget.
I still formembered to return your shoes today when I was at your house today!!! Text me when you are in the area!

I can't believe its 12 am! I formembered to call my brother back about that situation.

by DrBassali August 14, 2008
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