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A smaller town just south of Oak Park. It has a hellovalotta bars and is populated by many Irish, Germans, and Blacks. Really cool town. Its the last stop for the Blue Line for Chicago. Sometimes i wish it was part of the OPRF township because i dont wana go to fuckin proviso east. Also referred to as Fopo, FOPO, FoPo, ect. Which originated around the Jackson and Desplaines area.
Yo, takin the L all the way to Forest Park? Thats the last stop!
by huTTn3r April 13, 2006
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Forest Park is the name of a public park located in Queens, New York. It is noted by naturalists for being a natural, free-growing park with a unique terrain of rolling hills deep, rounded pits in the ground that were formed in the Ice Age.

Locals, however, recognize Forest Park as your one-stop location for buying pot, drinking in public, and having lots and lots of gay sex.
"Dude, I was walking through Forest Park and I saw this old guy getting a blowjob from another guy!"

"Shit, is it Wednesday already?"
by Kevin Whom Is Evil June 17, 2008
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A beautiful park located in St. Louis, MO near Washington University in St. Louis. It is one of the largest urban parks in the U.S. and is over 50% larger than Central Park in New York City! The park is open to the public, and on a nice day, it is often full of runners, walkers, and bikers. There are 2 paths-one paved and one gravel. The St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center, an outdoor iceskating rink, and more are all located within the park.
"Let's go for a run through Forest Park!"
by FPfan November 06, 2008
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Forest park is a small township in cincinnati, ohio.
It could quite possibly be the most hardcore neibhorhood in all of cincinnati. We walk with a gangster lean. THE BEST.
ay, you see that pimped out girl over there?
Shes from Forest park
by L-dub January 13, 2007
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A small town within Cincinnati, Ohio. A place that once was predominantly white but now has evolved into a more so black neighborhood. A town that is always mistaken for a place consisting of rich kids when in actuality... most families are one family member away from state property.
''Man, I thought you were from the city?!" asks Dope Man #1. "I am, n#gga! 'Had to get out the hood... so now i sell dope in Forest Park..." saysDope Man #2.
by D.Boss July 21, 2008
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