A smaller town just south of Oak Park. It has a hellovalotta bars and is populated by many Irish, Germans, and Blacks. Really cool town. Its the last stop for the Blue Line for Chicago. Sometimes i wish it was part of the OPRF township because i dont wana go to fuckin proviso east. Also referred to as Fopo, FOPO, FoPo, ect. Which originated around the Jackson and Desplaines area.
Yo, takin the L all the way to Forest Park? Thats the last stop!
by huTTn3r April 14, 2006
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Forest Park is the name of a public park located in Queens, New York. It is noted by naturalists for being a natural, free-growing park with a unique terrain of rolling hills deep, rounded pits in the ground that were formed in the Ice Age.

Locals, however, recognize Forest Park as your one-stop location for buying pot, drinking in public, and having lots and lots of gay sex.
"Dude, I was walking through Forest Park and I saw this old guy getting a blowjob from another guy!"

"Shit, is it Wednesday already?"
by Kevin Whom Is Evil June 18, 2008
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A beautiful park located in St. Louis, MO near Washington University in St. Louis. It is one of the largest urban parks in the U.S. and is over 50% larger than Central Park in New York City! The park is open to the public, and on a nice day, it is often full of runners, walkers, and bikers. There are 2 paths-one paved and one gravel. The St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center, an outdoor iceskating rink, and more are all located within the park.
"Let's go for a run through Forest Park!"
by FPfan November 6, 2008
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Forest park is a small township in cincinnati, ohio.
It could quite possibly be the most hardcore neibhorhood in all of cincinnati. We walk with a gangster lean. THE BEST.
ay, you see that pimped out girl over there?
Shes from Forest park
by L-dub January 13, 2007
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A small town within Cincinnati, Ohio. A place that once was predominantly white but now has evolved into a more so black neighborhood. A town that is always mistaken for a place consisting of rich kids when in actuality... most families are one family member away from state property.
''Man, I thought you were from the city?!" asks Dope Man #1. "I am, n#gga! 'Had to get out the hood... so now i sell dope in Forest Park..." saysDope Man #2.
by D.Boss July 22, 2008
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Pretty much the nicest town around, it has beaches, trees, views and big houses. So what if it's rich and white all the haters who say it's lame are just jealous because they live in ghetto shoreline. LFP is safe, nice, and you have the mall and beach clubs to keep you entertained.
by LFP kid June 2, 2009
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A hella rich depressing town. Lots of trees so you lose power all the time. Posers and longboarders chill at LFP mall where there's not much going on. Go to Alderwood or Northgate, losers. Shitty lake views and all the forests give teens lots of places to smoke dope. Maybe not quite as many stoners as the Muk or Shoreline, but it's close.
Dude, let's go to Lake Forest Park mall!! There's so much to do!!!

Shut up poser, nobody likes you. Enjoy your shitty Civic Club and Third Place Books, I'm going to a real place.
by omgwtfz0mfgh4t3rs April 21, 2009
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