(n.) someone who tries too hard to get what they want, usually in the area of relationships and sex.
Dude, you brought her to the party hoping she would give it up? You are such a forcer.
by jdsmke June 30, 2008
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The one who forces.

Not a threecer or fivecer.
He was afraid, but he was forced to by her. Therefore, she's the forcer. (and he's the forcee)
by myztically November 02, 2011
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A woman who is sexually attractive enough to cause an erection -- make the rhubarb grow -- just by looking at her.
Guy: Wow, that girl is HOT!
Friend: Yep, she's a real rhubarb-forcer!
by ring-tailed roarer April 11, 2014
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a person who is good at jumping ramps on a bike, skateboard, etc. and tries to force a jump failer to go off a ramp.
cody: come on dude i dont care if your a jump failer just jump it
john: no stop being a fucking jump forcer.
by makutassead November 08, 2009
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An idiot thinking they are very smart when they aren't, instead are the embodiment of all the stupidity in the world. Will argue when they are wrong and whine about it.
Chigga: I'm gonna do something stupid
Aerox: Don't it's bad for you
Chigga: (makes personal attack)
Aerox: pfft eon forcer
by LinusThiccTips May 10, 2021
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