An exclamation added after suggesting an idea that is obviously terrible, or a request with sexual undertones.
1. You know beer pong, where you have a drink for each point? We should try beer-scrabble!... for science!

2. so you used to do a pole-dancing workout? you should send me a video of that.. for science!
by superwheels June 11, 2013
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An exclamation used to justify whenever someone does something just for the heck of it, or to see what would happen; it was not done needlessly, but rather for the advancement of science!
Typically spoken of either in a comical Bill Nye way or in an insane, mad scientist way. Props, like a working Tesla coil, are recommended but not required.
- Dude, we have to microwave this lump of moldy cheese... FOR SCIENCE!
- I need to put a duck in a vat of Jell-o. FOR SCIENCE!
by bobbula February 19, 2008
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S ystematic

C omprehensive
I nvestigation and

E xploration of

N atural

C auses and

E ffects
I thought science was just a word until I saw what it stood for.
by iMakeTrashUrbanStuff November 24, 2020
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Magic but explainable
Yeah Science!
by Urgent_lemon the bi boy October 21, 2019
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Term used to denote one’s belief and allegiance to mainstream narratives on science, especially to medical practices.
Well Dr Fauci told us so on CNN last night, and I trust the science.
by General Horseasaurus Rex January 22, 2022
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