Doing it for the clout means doing it for fame, attention or views.
Liltay does shit for the clout.
“Yeah it does hurt a lot but I did it for the clout.”
by Idoitfortheclout September 9, 2018
Clout is being famous and having influence
Wow - Rice, Mitch, and Banks have hella clout
by CLOUTGANGG September 7, 2017
Power, fame, money, influence, style, etc.
by A San August 17, 2017
Issac- Damn i hope Jake Paul stays in 2017, all he wants is clout broooo
by ugli piece of poop January 15, 2018
(noun) The quality of being influential; influence.

Origin: clout + ness
A marketing agency measures the cloutness of content creators to see how much influence they have on social media.
by Joswin April 6, 2017
clout is a cancerous word only said by edgy 13-year-olds who listen to way too much rap
"Yo, he got HELLA clout bruv innit eskeeeit!"
by The Meme Regime November 20, 2017
To be unpopular or have "no balls"
"Bro you have no clout."
by cupcakelmao November 28, 2017