Slang for Southern Comfort (Preferably Black Label, or 100 proof) liquor. Available in 70 (white label) or 100 proof (black label).
A) Whats up?
B) Nothin, just drinkin on some SoCo
A) Yeah, that shit'll knock your dick in the dirt.
by Claydolf Hitler January 23, 2004
1.abbreviation for Southern Comfort, a liquor brand
2. abbreviation for Something Corporate, a rock band
1.I'll have a SoCo with lime

2.Did you get the new SoCo album?
by xkillerPIRATEx May 6, 2006
SoCo is an abbreviation of Something Corporate, a indie/punk/emo/piano rock band from Southern California. They kick some major ass by the way.
I am totally obsessed with SoCo!
by Michelle December 20, 2003
The start of the day.
He drank some SoCo and ended up passed out missed his boat and got a tattoo.
by fistpumpinchamp November 11, 2010
South of Communipaw Ave
I gotta pick up this girl in SoCo, so I’ll be late cause of traffic
by JousterJr May 30, 2019