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Slang for Southern Comfort (Preferably Black Label, or 100 proof) liquor. Available in 70 (white label) or 100 proof (black label).
A) Whats up?
B) Nothin, just drinkin on some SoCo
A) Yeah, that shit'll knock your dick in the dirt.
by Claydolf Hitler January 22, 2004
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Drink of the Gods. AKA the liquid panty remover.
SoCo is the drink of choice before a friday night football game.
by Long Island August 13, 2004
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southern comfort. An alcoholic beverage that is highly popular at parties.
Hey Meno, pass the so co
by Shito June 06, 2005
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A Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) /หˆsocko/ is an officer who gathers forensic evidence for the British police.
At a crime scene -
Detective A: What a mess! How are we to make sense of this?!
Detective B: Wait until the SOCOs have trawled through this lot. There's sure to be something to nail the chief suspect.
by Lord Grantham September 05, 2016
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1.abbreviation for Southern Comfort, a liquor brand
2. abbreviation for Something Corporate, a rock band
1.I'll have a SoCo with lime

2.Did you get the new SoCo album?
by xkillerPIRATEx May 06, 2006
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SoCo is an abbreviation of Something Corporate, a indie/punk/emo/piano rock band from Southern California. They kick some major ass by the way.
I am totally obsessed with SoCo!
by Michelle December 20, 2003
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