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CZ: Nohejbal
GE: Fußballtennis
FR: Tennis-Ballon

It's Czechoslovakia (now separated countries Czech Republic & Skovakia) national sport. It started in 1922 when the players of CZS football club "Slavia Praha" began to play the football over the "rope/string" (later over the "net" like tennis or volleyball), it had similar rules to volleyball, but with 1,2 or 3 players on each side of the net...
In 1936 were written the first official rules.
The first challenge cup was played in 1940.
It's been regarded as vacation sport since 1962.
In 1971 was found the Czech Footballtennis Association (Český nohejbalový svaz - ČNS).
In 1987 in Switzerland was found Federation of International Footballtennis Association (FIFTA).
The first European Championship was played in 1993.
The first World Championship was played in 1996.

It's very popular in Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also in Romanian, Hungary, Brazil, Switzerland & Austria.


a) Men
b) Women
c) Boys and girls:
• Juniors: age between 16 and 18
• Youngsters: age between 13 and 15
• Children: age up to 12


a) Single
b) Double
c) Cross Double
d) Triplet

Every team has always three sets between the players in the team (it doesn't matter how many players play...single, double,...) so for example: one pl. catches/picks the offense of opponent, sets to his playmate, he sets the ball very good to the third player near the net... & he smashes it over the net to opponent's side into the marked play-ground/field... otherwise it's "out" like in football/volleyball etc. & it's the point for opponent!
There is not allowed any contact of players body with the net... it's the point for opponent!!! The ball can hit the ground strictly only once per pause between the contact with the leg of player... two and more hits ball/ground consecutively in pause between player kicking... that means point for opponent too!
But the overall number of contacts ball/ground in the team before they kick the ball to opponent side is different in Vacation play/Czech Cup/International Championship
(Understand: the ball can hit the ground always only once per the pause between the player and another player... but every team has between playmates 3 sets, every player can sets to another... so the overall number of contacts ball/ground is 3.. but it;s only in vacation matches.. the pro are made more difficult by decreasing the overall number of contacts ball/ground between team sets with each other in every counterchange!)

In vacation matches is allowed three contacts ball/ground on three sets between the playmates... so the last can smashes the ball after ground jump of the ball.

The Czech National Cup is played for overall 2 contacts ball/ground per counterchange... so one of the sets between playmates has to be without ball hits the ground... the player has to pick the set from playmate in the air....."volley style"

The International matches are played for only one contact ball/ground... so the game itself is really faster & more difficult... cause 2 sets between playmates have to be without contact ball/ground.

Vacation matches are played for 10 points per set for 2 won sets per match...
Pro are played for 11 points per set for "maybe 3" won sets per match...
What is this ball game? I've never seen this before... it looks like football played over the tennis net...
It's regular sport called footballtennis!
by jonasr December 31, 2008
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