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being in a situation of having a promising, though not as-of-yet confirmed, opportunity
(used mostly with reference to a job or related well-paid position in a company)
"you should drop your resume off to the dept. head, least that way you could still get your foot in the door for the next time they look for someone."
by bungalow bill August 12, 2005
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By using excessive force to kick open a door, the foot manages to puncture and become lodged in it. Door is mostly made of wood or less brittle material.
Office building. A man stands under the doorway of a room. His foot seems partially lifted in the air. A stream of people passes by him, squeezing indifferently through the narrow crack of the door.

Man: Um. (People continue to pass.) Can someone help me? I've got a foot in the door.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
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