3 definitions by Clifford B.

1. When your saluting sergent gets slammed into a door.

2. The act of injuring someone with something on hinges. Ex: Slamming a door into someone, smashing someone's face with a trash-can lid on hinges, etc.
Guy: I woke up hungover and fucking got Soviet Doorstopped by my garage door.

Guy #1: That prude bitch wouldn't give me head.
Guy #2: Oh that sucks ass, dude.
Guy #1: Then she fucking told me to shut off Zeppelin and drive her home!
Guy #2: Hah, what did you do?
Guy #1: I left Led Zeppelin on, and when I dropped her off at her house, I gave her a swift Soviet Doorstop with my car door.
by Clifford B. April 7, 2005
A mysterious green machine that can be used for about anything you can think of. It's at the Peoria Campus of Tulsa Technology Center, in Oklahoma.

It has many relatives at the campus, but they are no match for it's 'Big Bertha' attachment.

Also, it's Pilot is Mr. Dean. It's a fun jingle to sing.

(Also can be called GM.)
Guy #1: I bet they spend the whole night riding the Green Machine!
Guy #2: That's why it smells like burnt rubber!

The Jingle:
"The Green Machine, owned and operated by Mr. Dean!"
by Clifford B. April 13, 2005
The game some people at my school play during lunch or break times.

Also, the game that I kick Steven and Mike's ass at.
Guy #1: Hey, let's go get high and play some foos.
Guy #2: Alright dude, sounds awesome.

A few minutes later...

Guy #2: I fucking hate you and this game.
by Clifford B. April 16, 2005