A Foosball Player of Legendary status. This player has pale skin, blonde hair, and often only gives credit to him or herself even when their teammates score a goal. This player also hates players who spin, and possesses the skills to act as a referee even when they are playing. Their extreme Foosball talent often drives them to insanity, which leads them to be seen giggling to themselves when not at the table. Also known as the "Albino Thunder".
Player A: Man, Jack acts like he's the Foosball Kid.
Player B: Yeah...they don't call him Albino Thunder for nothing!
by SizzlinSalmon January 11, 2013
Game played at Monash Uni in Melbourne, Australia where you take a shot of goon every time the other player scores on you in Foosball. This continues until the box of goon is gone or someone vomits.
Why are you so drunk right now?

I just lost at "Goon Foosball"!
by HebrewHammer1234 July 25, 2010
The game of foosball taken to the next level: the third dimension. Scoring takes place by placing objects around the table (e.g. on other tables, stools, posts, walls, etc.). These objects are given a "whore" value (e.g. High Class Twins, Midget, Dildo, Super Whore, Asian, Mexican, Trashy etc.).

There are two ways to score:
1) Knocking an item down or landing the ball in the item, gets you a point, and a whore.
2) Putting the ball in the goal, gets you a point. Unless the ball never touches the table after a serve, then it is a point and a Low Class Whore.

Games are played to 5 points. When one player reaches 5 points, you switch sides.

Matches are played until whenever you are too tired or drunk to continue. Whoever has scored the most whores is the winner.

There is no out of bounds, e.g. hitting other people is ok as long as you don't get your ass kicked.

Raping the other player is allowed one a player receives a whore. To rape a player block their shot off the serve. If it goes in for a point against them, you've successfully raped your opponent.
Guy1: I was playing Guy2 in extreme foosball and kicked his ass, two asian whores and a low class to a midget whore
by JDoggieIII August 2, 2011
When giving a western grip hand job and you twist your hand as if you were spinning the foosball handle. But in this case there’s no penalty
Man, last night she really changed it up and gave me a foosball spin.
by Manila July 9, 2018
Obsessive-compulsive foosball disorder (OCFD) is a mental illness that causes repeated unwanted thoughts or obsessions of playing foosball, or the urge to play foosball over and over again (compulsions). Some people can have both obsessions and compulsions for foosball.

Symptoms include:

- Air Foozing: uncontrollable fits that mimic the action of moving / striking a foosball bar (either singular or many times), some individuals also shout while doing this.

- Sleep Foozing: similar to Air Foozing but occurs when a person is in deep sleep.

- A constant urge to play foosball even when there are much more important tasks needing to be done (i.e. work, eat).

- Continuously watching foosball videos on youtube
Arno walked into the room and started air-foozing, I think he may have Obsessive-Compulsive Foosball Disorder (OCFD)...
by ratel_8 December 13, 2022
the ghetto version of baseball players a nerd wanting to impress a girl
All of those guys are just foosball players, we can’t mess with them
by Hawtahatwahawtahatta February 10, 2019
1. Playing foosball.

2. Moving in fast, erratic way like a foosball in play.
My thoughts were foosballing all over; I couldn’t focus on one train of thought, much less all of them.
by Noctuarial June 24, 2018