Def: (n.) 1. A name for a guy who is rather stupid,who leads girls on and is a man whore.
2. Can also be used to describe someone who is getting on your nerves

Created because of an annoying guy named Jared. Hence the name foge became a slur off of the subway guy Jared Fogel.
1. You're such a foge!

2. He is such a foge face!

3. Don't be such a fogger.
by Mermaid & Blondie June 25, 2007
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A general fuckup. A synonym for fuck.

pronounced //"foe-j:"

History of the word:

Derived from the character Fogle from the movie Superbad. That's the kind of kid who's a foge.
He is a foge. He foged up. What a foge face. Thats foge.
by fogerifffffic! September 21, 2010
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Created during the SuperBowl at Spooks house. Based on the 2 second long mp3 saying what sounds like "you fogen rye".
Used to describe a dumbass or someone who just did somthing stupid.
1) Spooks is a foge.
2) You fogen rye.
3) The Rye is the slut...booonnnggg
4) Magoo owns the world.
by Kershaw July 06, 2004
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A parasitic organism that attaches it self to some one and the feeds of there social life
guy 1: poor bill, he's made a foges attached to him for over a week.
by mumuk January 13, 2009
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