When you unzip someone's pants and start feeling around.
Dude, I was totally fly fishing Jenny in the movie theater last night.
by TrojanG April 16, 2009
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fly fishing is when after she finishes sucking away the guy grabs his rock hard cock and flicks it up and down making the jism look like the line off a rod when someones fly fishing.
i went fly fishing last night and with one cast i caught three sheilas!
by filthy gee January 5, 2006
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when you are either to young or can't afford the cover for a bar so you go out and bounce from outside of bar to outside of bar in the hope of picking up a women either leaving the bar or smoking out front. called fly fishing because like actual fly fishing you arn't actually going into the water (bar) to catch fish (women) and it also takes a lot of walking because you have to be constantly going from location to location
dude 1-bro u going fly fishing tonight

dude 2- na my feet tired bro lets just hit the bar
by mr_incredible408 July 16, 2013
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when you put your tongue and try to get in in a girls fly and try to lick her vaginia
I just went fly fishing and caught a wide one.
by Tonyizzle October 13, 2005
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A majestic person who is kind, funny, and follows their dreams. Usually tries to make sure everyone around them is happy as well.
"Dude, did you see Claire?"
"Yeah, she's so nice, a real flying fish."
by CrispyPotatoSlice August 23, 2017
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The kind of situation when you are standing at a urinal looking like your doing something perverted because you can't find the opening to your underwear.
Urinal User #1: "Dude! WTF are you doing?!"
Urinal User #2: "Relax, I'm just Fly-Fishing"
by Keevatwa March 13, 2010
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Verb: The sexual act of a man sitting above another persons face and swinging his penis at his or her mouth so that it resembles a fly-fishing poll and the recipient resembles a fish.
My girlfriend wanted to get kinky so we engaged in a little fly-fishing.
by Exit Wound January 23, 2008
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