In Dublinese, to achieve a state of inebriation that renders one frivolous, silly and dangerously prone to saying things like, 'I love you man' and 'You're me besht mate, seriously; whaddaya fuckin' laffin' at? Ye prick. I never liked you anyway...'
Jaysus, I had 15 rum and blacks, I was bleedin' fluthered.
by TopDecco May 11, 2005
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My girlfriend went back to school yesterday and last night I got absolutely fluthered.
by talk2me-JCH2 July 7, 2022
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1. A group of jellyfish.
2. A question and answer website ( on which one "taps the collective" of jellies and flutherites.
1. While scuba diving, we passed a fluther of jellyfish by the coral reef.
2. Today on Fluther, I got 30 lurve from one answer!
by Flutherite July 31, 2009
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An ignorant or malicious person who believes or propagates the belief that Covid is 'just like the flu'.
The unmasked fluther next to me on the plane is coughing his lung up.
by krasssh June 29, 2022
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(ph-luh-th-er) noun.

- a group consisting of more than one Peep Marshmallow candy. Typically referencing the bird peep, but more recently has been adopted to all of the genus.
"After a long day at the boardwalk, I enjoyed a fluther of Peeps"
by dangermau5 January 16, 2011
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