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The god fluffi were concent to heaven as the one who were never fully understood. This old legend is from talens of darkness. Where the entire world of shadows are being ruled by this one god, however no one knows that he exesist. This god were ment to araise from a child who never were allowed to be among others, hes mind closed and he became all about him-self, never wanneting to open his mind for others, it clouded up and became untoucheble for others as the year past.

Fluffi means; the one who were never truely understod, the one who were banned from others.
"As fluffis feelings began to wither, so did hes mind, He'd been listening to the inner voice, wich had told him what was right and what were wrong. What were he to do now, now that the voice had faded so low, that he could no longer hear it"
by Dab Anderson January 01, 2005
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