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Literally means, "Fucking. Love. This. Song." Used when expressing love towards a particular track.
Riv: <insert song title here>... flts
Keenan: Hell yeah.
by Riveh December 03, 2005
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1. (Mathematics) Fermat's Little Theorem: Let "a" be a natural number (i.e. a number that is at least 1 and does not contain fractional parts), and let "p" be a (positive) prime number, where the greatest common divisor of "a" and "p" (i.e. gcd (a, p)) is 1, then, Fermat's Little Theorem states that a ^ (p - 1) is equivalent to 1 (mod p) read: "a raised to the power of (p - 1) divided by p has a remainder of 1". Therefore, a^p is equivalent to a (mod p) This is often used in RSA and other Public Key Infrastructure.

2. (Mathematics) Fermat's Last Theorem: Let "x", "y" and "z" be non-zero integers, and let "n" be a natural number (see above) greater than 2, then, there will not exist an equation x^n + y^n = z^n read: "(x to the power of n) plus (y to the power of n) equals (z to the power of n)" for any "x", "y", "z" and "n" combinations.

(Fermat's Little Theorem) Let "a = 4" and "p = 7", since 7 is prime and "gcd (4, 7) = 1", then, 4^6 is equivalent to 1 (mod 7) --> 4 to the power of 6 is 4096, and it is equal to 585 * 7 + 1. Therefore, 4 to the 7 is equivalent to 4 (mod 7) i.e. 4 to the 7 is 16384, and it is equal to 2340 * 7 + 4.

(Fermat's Last Theorem) since this theorem asserts something does not exist, it is easy to come up with random things, 3^5 + 4^5 =/= 5^5 --> (243 + 1024 = 1267 =/= 3125) where "=/=" means "not equal to".
by randint December 07, 2013
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A dead release group in the warez scene
Oh no... Deviance did a proper of one of our releases again, guess we have to retire
by Cloud02 July 21, 2003
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gay #1: Hey whats the newest Fairlight Release?
gay #2: mhmm i think FLT`s last rels was The.8th.Wonder.of.the.World-FLT!
by immo March 30, 2004
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an exclamation that hip 40-something's use....

NOT to be confused with a Fish Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.
"I am trying to get to the golf course but this 6 car pile-up has jammed up the highway! FLT! why does this always happen to me??!!!"

"FLT! woman stop your yammering, I'm trying to watch Two and-a-Half Men!!"
by gorgeousgeorge83 August 06, 2010
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Pronounced flight. An acronym for freedom, love, and truth in which ones thinking is. Situations, look upon them free of judgement, with love and care for which it is, and in search for the truth at the end.
When you think FLT your mind can go to new heights.
by Lifer302 December 14, 2012
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