Nickname of ridicule for a man that cannot sustain an erection.
Ha ha! What's the matter Floppy? Is your old boy not behaving right?
by Mr Gognitti March 18, 2004
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Often occuring when a person(s) is "high" on marijuana, the floppies are often a feeling of relaxation, including a loss of muscle control creating the feeling of "floppiness"

On a Side note "I have the floppies right now"

"Matt has the floppies because he smoked a big joint"
by hackysackmaster September 08, 2006
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n. An unusually long, hanging clitoris.
"Does that stripper have a really tiny dick?"
"No, man, that's just a floppy"
by dlm454 March 06, 2007
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Floppy : extremely derogitive term derived from south african 70's slang Meaning/reffering to a dead black mans body used by white police to describe doa (dead on arrival) and on the streets pre-tense as a threat towards a black south african.
"that n***a is flirting with my girl i'ma make him a floppy"
by nut- April 30, 2007
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1. mostly found in new jersey, this type of male is generally malnourished, over 6'0 tall with a slight suggestion of muscle tone. also comes with a comically large cock thanks to the pharm-laced new jersey water system. usually unemployed. always great in bed.
got fucked by a floppy last night. i love life.
by fourcarats December 06, 2010
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