A derogatory term for an insurgent fighter who trended to be black. Originated with Rhodesian military personnel in Rhodesia (currently Zimbabwe) during the Rhodesian Bush War. The term arises from how insurgents would flop down dead when shot.
"Let's slot floppies!"
Translation: Let's go kill insurgents!
by settlemuntmyarse December 22, 2013
Adjective that is reffered to an object that you can move around in every angle without it breaking.
by Not-underscore April 30, 2020
When one cannot get hard when a girl is trying to give said man a blowjob.
When Taylor got on her knees, she noticed Ben was still floppy.
by TrendMaster June 7, 2009
Practicing with the floppy helps your short game
by Spam4adam November 2, 2006
A type of computer disk, often 3.5''.
"I have a floppy in my pocket."
"Whatid you say?"
"I mean a floppy disk you linear-minded fuck."
by Dave March 23, 2004
LITERALLY THE BEST SMELLING TEDDY EVER OMG but likes to play hide and seek ! And You can’t go to sleep without her !
Oh no I have lost floppy tonight, I guess I won’t be sleeping
by Wow34467 April 14, 2019