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Name your whore in the house by the floor.

Basement - The married whore. The cold, damp whore with too much laundry
1st floor - Love at first site whore. You just walked into the door and you want to date?
2nd floor - The usual - The fuck and date
3rd floor - The Fuck Buddy - Fuck her, chuck her, but keep in contact
4th floor - The tease - I walked up 4 flights of stairs for nothing? are you serious?
5th floor - The spoiler - No man can give you 5 floors of housing. She always wants more.
The roofer - One night stand - Climb to the top and jump
"Matt and I designed this floor of whores to secretly describe women in a language that they don't understand."

"She was such a 4th floor whore. She rubbed my dick and when I was unzipping my pants she told me to keep it in."

"I just roofed that bitch!"
"Dude, get me fast. I'm hanging off the roof here" (if you didn't drive to her house and need a friend to save you in that awkward morning)

by Jim and Matt March 12, 2008
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