A certain individual who flushes a clogged toilet in a crowded public restroom, causing poopwater to flood the ground. Usually those in the stalls around this certain individual are forced to abandon their thrones and become very angry. This certain individual will laugh and run away as to escape the ire of his/her victims.
Bob: Ah....I finally get to sit down and empty my bowels

Fred: Haha. I'm going to flush that clogged toilet to piss Bob off.

Flushing sound followed by the sound of cascading water.

Bob: Aaaaaaa!!!!! What the fuck!!!!!!! Damn Stall Flooder!!!!
by watchdog101 July 30, 2010
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An Urban Dick Flooder is someone that post completely useless garbage on Urban Dictionary. They cause Editors to spend hours sorting through WOS (Waste Of Space) posts, in order to find the legitimate New Word descriptions. These types of Posters tend to not have their own accounts, and often times are first-time viewers of the site. Since they don't care about the site, or it's rules, they post generic junk like "Jenna is so hot!" and "Tommy is a F@G!". These types of posts create a giant mess of posts that legitimate Posters and Editors have to sort through. Which can cause delays of new words being posted to the site by weeks, even months. Many legitimate words can even be dismissed on accident due to this fact.
Man am I getting sick of sorting through WOS posts from Urban Dick Flooders! If they would just read the rules, so much time wouldn't be wasted sorting through all of this S**T! I have some words that have been sitting on hold for months because legitimate Editors like myself spend more time deleting WOS posts, then we do getting to post true, creative content.
by the2ndflood July 27, 2008
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entering the pick-up bar, i realized the legion of tubing flooders was having a convention!
the legion of tubing flooders were all over those women!
john had a party, but it was dominated by the legion of tubing flooders!
by michael foolsley February 12, 2010
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Someone on your friend list who clandestinely likes or comments on your old pictures, so as to draw the attention of the world to your veritable foolhardiness, with the intention of causing immeasurable trauma, sometimes leading to Foticide(means deleting your own pictures, not to be confused with foeticide )
Being the stalk-flooder she is, she liked my old prom picture and subjected me to the ridicule of the whole world.
by philosoph May 18, 2017
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one who fills the facebook wall with too many posts....or one who floods the facebook wall..
if aamir posts more than 30 posts in a day ..then we can say that...
aamir is a facebook flooder.
by aziz146 November 03, 2012
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