Bahamian/West Indian slang for bug spray. Includes any and all brands of bug spray.
"All these damn roaches. I need to buy a can of flit."

(When someone says something stupid) "You is drink flit aye?!"
(Suggesting that the stupid thing was said as a result of ingesting bug spray)
by DaggerDown October 7, 2020
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a girl who "FLITS" from boy to boy and wants a relationship. this could be described as a hoe, but a Flit is cleaner. Flit can also describe a small bird fluttering around. a flit mostly just wants to be in a relationship, they love the relationship and not the boy as much.
guy 1: omg that girl is such a flit
guy 2: yeah, she goes for any guy she can see who is open.
guy 1: does she care who she dates?
guy 2: yeah, a little. but really she just wants to be in a relationship. she is a flit.
by Randomchao5 December 9, 2019
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It's fire and lit combined together u dumbfucks. Go back to fucking pre-school where you fuck the teacher in front of your parents with a big dick.
"Yo, man so I took this kid's advise off urban dictionary and went back to pre-school"
" Cool, what did you do?"
" I scooped up my teacher up off her ass and ate her like my friend's mom"
"Yo, that shit is flit"
by LilFlitKid October 29, 2019
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Fully lit ~ you’ll know it when you see it
Inward heel flip down 12 stairs was flit
by Foxfall July 17, 2020
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Logan: dude I went down on that chick with the moose nuckle the other night, she has a fat clit
Trash: oh shit, you mean she has a flit
by Boff Booferman July 31, 2018
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Fire and Lit
Its fire and lit its flit- Rocco Piazza, 2017
by scooterfag400 May 22, 2018
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Sandy I can't walk up these stairs!!! Why not? Because...I'm flit !
by Ckofficial21 September 6, 2017
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