Fliping is a term used in the Drum and Bass world to flip the Skwiff, its the fine art of sticking ones fingers up his bumhole and opening them up once inside to perform a 'V' shape then twisting in a 180 degree motion.
Skwiffer in the DNBA scene is the master of the arts who regularly wonders around his home town 'Fliping' people off.
by The Fools August 29, 2008
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Having sex WITH A FEMALE in the Reverse Cowgirl position, while eating a grilled cheese sandwitch and putting on deoderant, all at the same time.
Sorry I couldn't respond to your text, bro. My hands were full. I was busy fliping.

Guy: Hey dude, dont you hate when you get hungry and smelly during sex?

Friend: Yeah.

Guy: Yeah me too. thats why I was fliping last night.

Friend: Beast. I love to flipe.
by BOOM! Shaka! Laka! February 02, 2011
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When the last wire of your nerve snaps, or being in a bad mood.
Dude my sister was fliping out on me.
by AN.AS January 22, 2007
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a woman so confused about her sexuality that she goes from being butch to femme then femme to butch all in a matter of minutes.
are you fliping the script again???
i cant decide what i want to be today hmmmmmm butch or femme. i dont know cause im so confused.
by bitchnugget777 December 08, 2009
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To flip off kids your own age from the inside of a vehicle.
Julie : " I'm gonna flipee Ray"
Ray: * Looks through window of bus from the outside* " Really bitch?"
by Yololoser January 31, 2016
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