a short, poor, cockey race of people from the philipine islands, hang out in groups of 5 to 10 people acting cockey and nammer squating at joyce skytrain station. They hate vietnamese people and will randomly attack or stab them for absolutly no reason only to be beat or killed by there cousins after. Will act cockey in groups and claim to want to rumble until nammers acctually show up and make them run.
"those cockey flips just got chopped at joyce"
by fliphater January 01, 2006
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a short and feisty pacific islander P.I.M.P. with lots of balls- midget mafia.
"did u catch that flip last night- damn he fine!!"
by Gilhomes October 23, 2003
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within skateboarding, there are two definitions. one is the act of flipping your entire body (along with the skateboard) around in mid air; either upside down (frontflip/backflip) and/or sideways (barrel rolls, toe side and heel side). these types of flips are normally done on a half-pipe, or at least a ramp big enough to do them, because you need a fair amount of height in order to do them without landing upside down.

the much more common definition is the act of fliping only the skateboard and not your body. this can be done with the hands, but is normally done by snapping an ollie and sliding your feet off the board in a way that keeps it under you and also flips it over.
there are many kinds of flip tricks, and these aren't even all of them:
varial kickflip
360 flip
shove it
inward heelflip
etc, etc.
by karl July 27, 2004
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"flipping your boyfriend" means coaxing, seducing or plain out forcing your boyfriend to take your strap-on dildo up his virgin ass.
by fcukbrat August 15, 2008
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v. to beat someone up.
he don't watch his mouth, he gonna get flipped.
by Victor April 11, 2003
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A game where one person flips a quarter getting either heads or tails. Then, the second person flips the quarter and tries to match what the first person got. If they match it, they get the money that was bet, usually $1.00. If they do not match what the first person got, then they have to give them their money.
I won $20 playing flips in math class!
by Michelle May 11, 2004
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