One who does or sells copius amounts of hallucinogenic drugs.
Dude was so high, he's the biggest fry cook i know.
by Bouncy Castle November 6, 2013
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This means someone who could do anything at any given moment. Someone who has the balls enough to do anything they want despite what the public would think. Someone who is destined for greatness and who’s future is going to be filled with riches and adventures.
Oooh look she’s going to be a “Fry cook at Venus” she could do anything and be anything she wants.
by Gaehl Camou March 22, 2020
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Fry Cook At The Krusty Krab is what ghetto girls and middle-schoolers put in their social-media bio in an attempt to be funny. What it really means is that they are UNEMPLOYED
She is 23 years old and her Tinder Bio says she is a Fry Cook At The KRUSTY KRAB

Bruh that means that hoe is unemployed
by holy guacomole September 13, 2019
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