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my mom would totally flip a shit if she found out about my bellybutton ring.
by kareena March 01, 2003
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noun flip uh shit
1- a derogatory term which originated in Fremont, CA used to refer to the inhabitants of the philippines*.
2- a native or inhabitant of the philippines*.
3- the majority of the shoppers at the great mall in milpitas whose origins can be traced back to the philippines*.

Plural: flipashits flip uh shits
Used to refer to a troop of sick HIV positive pinoy nigger monkeys.
* purposely not capitalized because these scumbags do not deserve to have their piece of shit country capitalized.
"Look at that short, dark, flipashit faggot with his pant leg rolled up and his hat turned to the side."

"Look at that flipashit clown in his beater thinking he's in a civic SI."

Latrell: “flipashits are the scum of the earth."
Rasheed: “Word.”

"Damn, there's so many flipashits in Milpitas, no wonder it smells like shit here."

Willis: “Mommy, can I feed those flipashits bananas?”
Mrs. Pittman: “No honey, it’s better if we let them starve so they can’t reproduce and contaminate the rest of the world.”

Tyrone: “ Are we at the zoo?”
Jerome: “Nah brah, we’re in flipashittown”

Police Dispatcher: “Suspect is a flipashit male, 4’11, 80lbs, small build, last seen climbing a tree west of north Milpitas boulevard.”
La Milpa Pig: “ 10-4. flipashit just spotted.”
La Milpa Pig: “ Johnny Cochran is dead. You about to be the flipashit version of Rodney King.”
flipashit: “Don’t shoot me bro”
La Milpa Pig: “Oh shit, not again. I thought that was my taser. I swear. Maybe I can still win that medal of valor. Shots fired. flipashit down. flipashit in custody.”
by ReignSupremeForever September 25, 2010
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