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flinders, refers to Flinders St Station, the main train station of melbourne. it is a common meeting place for all types of people, but in recent years has become a rather frightening area due to the increased amounts of goths and emos, who congregate frequently. saturday is the main congragation day for the emos. before the venture on to three palms. normal children or the world, who enjoy coloured clothing, often feel intimidated by the presence of the emo coolness and feel inferior due to their coloured supa tubes as opposed to the emos who enjoy the wearing of black supre jeans.
xxBrokenXXdreamsxx: you going to the city saturday
XfadedXheartsX: yeh sure meet flinders 11am
by siikbro April 30, 2006
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Best University in South Australia. Very user friendly. THe initials are a source of great merriment. What were the powers that be thinking when they named it?
If you are a grad from Flinders University and you happen to be visiting the USA where University initials are used frequently (unlike Australia), it is best not to say, when asked what uni you went to, "F-U".

The Flinders University choir is called the Flinders University Choral Society (FUCS).
by NeilS January 19, 2008
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The name you give to your finger while playing tinder, in tune to the music.
the music is playing and we have the build up!! flinders out and he better not f**k up. he flicks to the right when he know it's right and he flicks to the left when he know it's not the best. but if he f**ks up and flicks to the left when you know it's the best , he still blames you and that's just pointless
by RJ36 October 10, 2015
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