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A brother who fancies his own brother and often likes to put spy cameras where they know they will be naked or defecating.
He also likes to collect his brother and his girlfriends used condoms for their own purposes.
These individuals need locking up but may sneak a naked picture of their brother with them into jail, they must be cavity searched! although they imagine its their brother.
Dean: Where has my used condoms gone?
Mitch: I dont know *The brother lover Shoves condoms in his pocket*
by Azza310 May 07, 2006

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when you take a turd and the surrounding water turns a brownish colour. This is hotdog flavoured water.
Mitch: hey dean want some hot dog flavored water?
Dean: er sure, whats it like?
Mitch: its a bit nutty
Dean: er yeah sure
Mitch: *gleefully runs to floater in toilet with a cup*
by Azza310 May 07, 2006

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