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Considered by some to be the most spiritual enlightening of all beef cuts. This magical meat has powers beyond the comprehension of most mortals. Legend has it, if a woman is giving birth during a full moon and stares into the eyes of a wild flank steak, she will give birth th Chuck Norris.

The origin of the flank is subject to much speculation. Some say it was the Goddess Kalbi who bestowed its presence on the cow. Others believe it is, and always will be, part of a vast underground network, stemming from the subterranian grotto, in the heart of the castle of King Sweenus
Sean: I sold two flank steaks to that family.

Matt: Jesus, now they'll no longer be apocalyptic.

Sean: Right? That guys ear just automatically healed
by Pretzlflex January 26, 2010
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I a very bitchy person who gives themsleves away to the opposite sex too easily. They also do stupid or demorralizing things and then get angry when people talk about them behind their backs.
Give me an example of a flanksteak and I will give you a dollar.
by F.S. September 06, 2005
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