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To slap someone multiple times in rapid succession. commonly used by slapping the upper chest and then the lower stomach. alternate in a quick manner so they cant block your attack. Also can be used as a verb for beating someone up.
Yesterday, I flangled Dan because he called me a fag.
by Daren Walker April 27, 2006
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This word could pretty much mean anything you want it to. It could be an adjective to describe wat something looks like. A noun just to call something that. A verb to say wat something is doing such as "dangling". Its great!
The basketti was flangling off the table.

That flangle just hit me in the face.

That chick is real flangly.
by Lauraaloo July 19, 2009
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To be really messed up on drugs while you flail your arms around, stumble and act really wobbly. Usually some kind of loud electronic music is involved.
That girl Arika really knows how to flangle.
by Shmag January 22, 2011
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