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To press oneselve's, or indeed, an unsuspecting victim's face with both hands, squashing all facial features, most importantly the lips, into the resembelence of a flange.
This will be funny, i'm just about to flange Josh!
OMG! Cried Josh, as he flanged himself.
by Daniel John Kelly April 24, 2006
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(Verb) To be danced upon in an extremely homoerotic fashion, usually involving at least partial nudity and/or compulsary donations to the Homoerotic Tip Jar.
It can be a poly-flange, whereby multiple persons "flange" one unsuspecting person, or the more intimate "solo-flange".

Notable for being one of the few acts which both mentally and physically scars a person, whilst still being pleasurable.
"Man, it started as an innocent lap-dance but I got well and truely Flanged before the end!"
by Peter_muck October 25, 2007
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