The best melodical death metal band in Scandinavia, or perhaps even the world. Has produced masterpieces such as "The Jester Race", "Whoracle", and "Clayman".
Those Linkin Park fags ain't heard nothing yet.
by Matt F. November 28, 2003
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In Flames owns!! They are seriously the greatest band out there still! In the past they have made wikkid songs like Clayman, Bullet Ride, Scorn, and Dismiss The Cynic but now they're still releasing fucking amazing songs liek The quiet place, my sweet shadow, dead alone, and borders and shading! In Flames owns you joo bagels out there and always will! >=D
makin movies, makin songs, and fightin round the world.
by kikkagard December 19, 2004
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Flaming has two definitions: The first one is a homosexual man with very "gay" qualities, not to say that I have anything against homosexuals.. In other words it's a gay man who is very loud, feminine, flamboyant, loves fashion, loves techno, loves musical theater, is very sex obsessed and is very obnoxious.

The second definition is the act of being very rude to someone online usually via comments on a forum or blog or even in a chat room. It's a fine example of how people these days have no social grace. The act of flaming includes insults to a person's intelligence or somebody's mother, trying to make a fool of that person or humiliate that person, crude language, threats and intimidation, and the list goes on and on.
Example 1:

Girl: Hello there!

Flamer: Oh my gosh look at your hair it is so fabulous! I hear Clay Aiken's performing at that mall! Oh he's so hot! I should just live at the mall honey! Oh no I broke a nail! AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

Girl 2: He's nice, but wow is he flaming!

Example 2:

Flamer: Your blog is so stupid! Did you think to mention blah blah blah! Morons like you have no reason to live. Why don't you just kill yourself and suffer for all eternity! Fucktard!

Victim: Wow! What a dick. This person is obviously not worth me or my time. You just keep flaming me I'm not listening.
by ASillyMan April 25, 2010
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To insult someone electronically, or otherwise. Sometimes to be a group insult.
The l4m3 k1dd13 finds himself flamed.

UserA:hay ne1 gots sum wareZ ?!@#!@# I wanna h4x0r my momz yahoo account!!
UserB: You're a wordtard/word... seriously. Do yourself a favour and get out of the gene pool.
by w4x0r June 29, 2003
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To Get Joked On, Played Out, Embarrassed, Made a Fooled Out Of, Disrepected towards.
I'm about to flame him/her.
by Datzmetony January 10, 2010
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An awesome band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed by Jesper Stromblad in 1994. In Flames is one of the pioneers of the metal sub-genre known as "Melodic Death Metal".

Members: Anders Frieden - Vocals
Peter Iwers - Bass
Bjorn Gellote - Guitar
Jesper Stromblad - Guitar
Daniel Svensson - Drums

In Flames has released 12 studio albums:

A Sense of Purpose - 2008
Come Clarity - 2007
Soundtrack to Your Escape - 2004
Reroute to Remain - 2002
The Tokyo Showdown - 2001
Colony - 1999
Clayman - 1999
Black-Ash Inheritance - 1997
Whoracle - 1997
The Jester Race - 1995
Subterranean - 1994
Lunar Strain - 1994
In Flames just released their new album "A Sense of Purpose".
by $lim $hady May 22, 2008
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To insult a person you are arguing with over the internet in hopes of reviving your argument.
by Meri May 22, 2005
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