what people say sarcastically when pretending they are gay. refering to flamer and the human torch in fantastic 4 and making fun of him. Almost always used as a joke.

When a gay person is coming onto another gay person
George "it is tight one in this elevator aint it?"

George "hey dude look at Jason"
Bob "yeah he is really getting his flame on with rob"
by Gabriel P December 29, 2007
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when something is awesome, bomb, fantastic etc.
by whudthefxckisup123 December 29, 2010
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No offense ; Something you say when you’re about to say something rude but you’re not trying to be mean
No flame to jack, but his shoes be lookin kinda trash tho
by aboutacrytho January 28, 2020
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Like getting burned; a joke made against you.
-Man that kid sucks at soccer, he can only kick it like 10 feet.
-Yeah, well that's far enough to kick up your ass.
-Ooh, son, you just got flamed.
by thatgirlthatmomsclapfor March 1, 2012
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"I ate 25 hot wings from B Dubs last night, and now my ass is flaming."
by Severance July 14, 2006
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Good band, not the best but saying a band is the best is obviously a opinion. Their music has progressed, and personally I like the new stuff.
In Flames is another good band to listen to!
by TheOtaku February 7, 2005
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a flame is a tirade. The flamer may be quite articulate and intelligent as they question the upbringing of the flamee. One can also flame about a third party to a conversation. Finally, a flame may be from an idiot, in response to a resonable post from someone else.
by tony October 20, 2003
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