3 definitions by Rando Enby

1. A gay person who blatantly fits a bunch of gay stereotypes.

2. A gay person with a flamethrower.
Person 1: Yeah that dude always wears short shorts what's up with that?
Person 2: Oh he's just a flaming homo.

Soldier: Shit they got flaming homos run! *runs*
by Rando Enby December 08, 2020
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A logical fallacy where someone claims that the argument or position of someone else is invalid not due to any faults in it but based off of faults, real or imagined, of the other person.
This argument does not make the claim it is used in valid, but also does not render it wholly invalid provided that valid arguments may be found in other parts of the claim.
Examples of Argument ad Hominem:

1. Your presidential candidate has been shown to have been cheating on her wife, how the hell can you trust her to manage labor issues?
2. He's not a valid candidate, just look at how he dresses! If he can't mage his wardrobe, how's he going to manage a whole state?
by Rando Enby February 03, 2021
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1. A mood disorder characterized by a persistent lack of enjoyment in once-enjoyable activities and a persistent feeling of sadness or numbness.

2. An indent.
Depression is a disorder which sucks and is often either romanticized through shitty humor or called fake.

Boots leave depressions in the mud.

Note: Yes I said persistent in the first definition because some people on here argue that depression doesn't exist because everyone has bad days. However, this is an invalid point because depression last for a long time (months at least) which is what makes it depression. It's also what makes it suck to shit.
by Rando Enby December 08, 2020
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