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An exclamation. Usage pertains to excitement such as in a good move or play during sports or a video game.

A term that self congratulates the user, describes excitement and exclamation, lets others know the magnificence and domination of the user/player over the event or situation.

The term originated in the 6th grade in Tucson, AZ at Hudlow Elementary School in 1991.
Your peer just hits a homerun in a game of baseball, bases are loaded and he proceeds to shout "Fla fla! In your face!"

"In your face! Fla fla!"

"Fla fla! Booya!"

"Fla fla! Boyeeeee!"
by whoisgringo August 15, 2007
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fla fla = to have a horney feeling either extrememly happy feeling, or to be horney in the sexual sence, this word was created by harriet and leanne in a chemisty lesson in year nine, it all started whn leabnne asked harriet to think of a random word, strangely and somehow the word "fla" came up, the word wasnt good enoguh there for we said it twice. and it is one of the greatest words in the world

call this word your own.
and harriet will slit your throat

(: capiche?
in a chat box, this girl sees the fittest guy ever and they flirt, the girl pc's her friends and decribes how he makes her feel, harriet adds " ooh your fla fla betch" ;) :|
by harrihardcore November 04, 2007
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Houton slang for a dessert consisting of alternating layers of yogurt or ice cream and fruit or syrup in a tall, narrow glass.
Bitch, I be starving fo' a fla-fla.
by Amberino April 21, 2006
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a word expressing joy and addoration for fags everywhere to me ,and i look like the molestor from jurassic park
damn girl, i fla fla on you even more than godzilla in the jurassic park mobie phone accessroies store yo. and the vagina is the ugliest body part ever. even uglier than the penis.
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
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