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Fascist who rejects fascism as a platform for political organization, national solidarity or ethnic chauvinism.

Someone who believes fascism’s critique of Western aesthetics is lost in its conversion to a linguistic framework (political theory) PARTICULARLY in terms of low-context Indo-European languages.

Refers to the 5% of the fascist movement that reduces fascism to a synthesis of Italian aesthetic idealism and Hindu sensualism.

A member of the meta-right.

A messianist.
A five-percenter would discourage political organization along fascist lines as he posits fascism to be an existential philosophy driven by aesthetic critique ie he views a linguistics as a poor framework for fascism. As evidence for this position, he presents fascism's self-destructive political engagements and social organizational theory.
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by kvikaas July 02, 2018
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The top echelon of the female pantheon; based on the theory that 80 percent of the women you meet will be utterly useless and unworthy of your time, 15 percent of them are generally palatable but have either uncommonly poor taste in men or are too clueless to take seriously and the remaining five percent are intelligent, attractive and therefore ultimately datable.
I'm not going to buy that girl another drink because her average looks and her insipid conversation skills clearly indicate she is not a five-percenter.
by Jack July 14, 2003
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the 5% are those with knowledge of self (the unignorant) who try to educate the ignorant 85%
while there is also the 10%, who have some knowledge of self, but use it to exploit the 85%
"yo son, let's go hustle that nigga"
"naw son, i ain't no 10 percenter, lets go educate that nigga"
"aw shit, you ain't nothin but a 5 percenter"
by theillgod April 25, 2005
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Offshoot of Nation of Islam, teaches that 5 percent of man knows the truth of the world, 85 percent doesn't have a clue and is preyed upon by the remaining ten percent (using drugs, violence etc.) There are many who claim to be five percent, but in reality very few men are disciplined enough to do so.
Black man is God, Black woman is earth.

White man was created by a scientist.

Death for the misled.
by TenPercentSons January 27, 2004
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Someone who teaches that the Black man is God. Contrary to popular belief, a Five Percenter can be black brown yellow or white. They believe in freedom, justice and equality.
Five Percenters are also known as the Gods and Earths. They do not believe in a God in the sky. Their emphasis is on teaching young men and women.
by Atu May 15, 2005
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A poor righteous teacher who do not believe in the teaching of the 10%all wise and righteous and know who the true and living god is and teach that the almighty true and livig god is the black man from asia and teach freedom justice and equality to all human families on the planet earth other wise known as civilized people also muslim and muslim sons.
Look at that young brother, he always talking about the black man is God and he treat all race of people the same
by God Baraki Allah March 29, 2004
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95 percent of the population is either culturaly or religiously brainwashed and incapable of free thought. That leaves 5 percent of the population who actually "get it".
"Dude - you're not going to bring that stripper to the hockey game, are you? Don't you think your girlfriend will find out?"
"'s all good. My lady is a 5-percenter. She knows the deal"
by Brizad September 30, 2003
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