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(n.)Someone who moderates a chatroom or message board. There are generally five types of moderators:

1. Asswipe: Moderator that likes to punish members for little or no reason, harasses members and then punishes them for harassing back or questioning them, or is an asshole in general to those around him, not including his suckup friends, who will respond to his powerabuse with: "lol", "pwned bitch", or "wut a fag".

2. Strict Moderator: Follows the rules by the book, no exceptions. Any rule infraction spotted will be punished, often without warning. Normally dreaded.

3. Do-Nothing Moderator: Moderator that acts more like a member than a moderator, only intervening in serious matters that require mod attention. Usually ignores rule infractions for fear of angering the administrator or stricter moderators. Usually friendly.

4. Badass: Best moderator there is. They are fair, and will usually joke around and let things go if the intention of the rule infraction was not fitting with the reason the rule was created. However, if someone is being a total idiot, especially flaming, they will proceed to argue with them for the sole purpose of getting them to make a fool of themselves, often to the point of losing their cool and posting a last "FUK U ALL!!!!!" message, at which point there is much lulz and the nooblet gets b7. See Winrar

5. Nutcase: Moderator that not only rarely enforces rules, but often breaks them themselves in the name of fun, or sometimes just out of boredom. Usually doesn't have modship for long, or is constantly scolded by other mods or the admin. Me.

These are the main five categories, there are several other types and combinations of types out there.

"Ugh, I told that moderator that he's being a jerk, and he banned me. What an asswipe."

"That moderator is mad strict. She just suspended six members for spamming just because they had too much chatspeak."

"Is that dude even a moderator? He hasn't done jack through all this flooding."

"Haha, this moderator is so awesome."

"What the hell...? That guy just flooded six pages of the chat away... he's a moderator? Wtf?"

by Metar January 19, 2007

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A term referring to a relatively short amount of time, usually not actually five seconds.
"It was cool for about five seconds before it got boring."

"I've only seen about five seconds of that movie."

"Dude, I'll be there in about five seconds, alright?"
by Metar April 14, 2007

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