something cheap, lame or has no value.
"like my new ride?"

"oh five cents"
by Ezy Garcia October 18, 2007
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What you pick up off the ground
A five cents falls on the ground, and within 0.297 seconds you have put it into your jew bank
by mumbomum1 May 26, 2009
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Five Cent Jive is term used in the same context as "bullshit"
When that girl told me she wasn't a whore, I knew it was all five cent jive.
by Catalyst August 13, 2004
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1)when you got a couple dimes
2)two hot chicks... nickel
when you see two dimes walking down the street, on a boat, or at the beach;

"dude, look over there is that a nickel?"
"Ya bro I'm about five cents short of a quarter"
by M.D.310 May 16, 2008
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locusts in mainland china make a profit of RMB$0.5 for being a communist propaganda machine online. each entry posted in forums will worth 5 cents when they attack USA, HK, UK or any foreign countries, or praise the communist party or Strong Country (mainland china). It is a lucrative biz but eventually millions of souls will be sold out (if there are any!)
yahoo news in HK is flooded with 5 cents (five cents/ $0.5)! go fetch the pesticide!
by ddt76 February 9, 2013
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